How To Choose The Best Baby Stroller For You!

by Lilly Peters

Choosing the first stroller is one of the most significant choices that must be taken by prospective parents.  It can also be the most confusing part of your baby stuff buying journey.  That’s because it’s one of those baby goods you’re going to use regularly and for a very long time, so it needs to be reliable and well prepared for years to support you. It is one of the most costly baby goods, too. That’s why you need to think carefully exactly what you need and not rush into any decision.

Shop with both you and your baby in mind, customer reviews can usually provide you with a good pro’s and con’s list and enough information on your shortlist of pushchairs to help you make a decision. There’s no one stroller that is perfect for everybody.  The one with features that fits your child and lifestyle at a price that suits your budget is the best stroller.


Not only should the stroller be correctly picked for the infant, but it should also be practical for parents. Visiting the store with child’s gear can be a hassle. Potential parents spend a lot of time looking for the right stroller and, sadly, their purchase is a mistake sometimes. You want to pick the right models, appropriate and healthy for your kid when you buy an equipment for your baby, but there are so many options-and not every model is top-quality.

There are so many different choices out there! We have prams, lightweight and umbrella strollers, three or four-wheeled convertible pushchairs, black or decorative, and, of course, inexpensive and pricey strollers. You may want to seek advice from shop assistants if you are overwhelmed by choice.

First-time parents are always surprised by how much a stroller or pram can cost. Pricier strollers may be equipped with extra and/or better quality features such as improved suspension mechanisms and easier maneuverability, higher-end fabrics and colour options, and flexible seats that can move between front and rear-facing or turn to accommodate more than one child if you have the budget to spend more.

But don’t worry too much over budget, though higher-end strollers can cost upwards of a thousand dollars or more, a stroller that suits your needs for much less money is also totally achievable. You could even think about pre-loved strollers if the one you have your heart set on is priced beyond you budget.

What sort of room do you have for stroller storage in your home or apartment? Are you going to have to bring your stroller up the stairs or on public transport? Make sure that the stroller fits comfortably into the trunk or backseat if you have a car or take taxi or use a ride share service. Do you want to use one stroller for all of your needs or buy an all-purpose stroller, then add it as your little one grows on a travel or jogging stroller? Your stroller needs to fulfil the needs of your lifestyle, so before deciding what’s right for you, think hard about these questions and more.

When choosing the perfect stroller for you, it’s a definite must to think about your neighbourhood and the places you will be walking with your infant and whether your stroller should have certain characteristics and functions. Think of the terrain, too. But likely most importantly, think of your lifestyle and not what you favourite “Influencer” was given (for free) to promote a brand. Do you prefer to stay in the city, or are you more of the outdoorsy type? You’ll need a lightweight , portable stroller that is durable and folds easily and quickly if you rely on subways, buses, and cabs.

There are so many different styles of strollers on the market today: Regular strollers, Travel Systems, Lightweight, Umbrella, Jogging and terrain, multi child. There are even suitcases that you can sit and strap your child into while travelling.

Umbrella strollers are very compact, commonly weighing about 5 kg or less. They are very lightweight and they can be folded entirely. They have straps sometimes, so you can hold them on your back. Note that umbrella strollers are only for older babies and children who are able to support themselves sitting up.

Do you want a storage basket, rain cover, blanket, sunshade or cup holder for your baby’s stroller? There are some strollers that are not compatible with some accessories, so keep this in mind as well.

Then there are plastic, foam or air-filled wheels too. The plastic or foam wheels should be good for you if you are going to use your stroller in the area locally with footpaths. But if you intend to use the stroller on wooded and bumpy trails, you can consider air pumped wheels that remain fixed in place. This is because they have better traction and structural support so that the baby is exposed to less bumps and shocks. However, modern foam wheels often work well on rough surfaces.

If your neighbourhood has wooded trails and smooth sidewalks, you might want to consider pushchairs with larger rear wheels and smaller front wheels, possibly even with reversible handlebars, so that larger wheels can also be used. This can be really handy because you will be able to adapt the stroller to different ground and it will function on bumpy roads and then crowded sidewalks in the city.

A Number of regular convertible strollers are on the market. In order to turn a single stroller into a trip for two, a convertible stroller allows you to attach a second stroller seat, an infant car seat or, in some cases, a bassinet. You should remove the second seat and turn it back into a single stroller when your older child believes that she is too grown-up for a stroller.

If you’re a one-and-done family or want to have many years between siblings, a single stroller would work just fine. But if you think there’s a possibility that in the next three years you’ll have another child, consider a single stroller that can turn into a double or even fit up to three children (two seats + a stroller board). A lot of parents say that not investing in one that could convert to a double is one of their greatest stroller regrets.

At the end of the day, you should select the right baby stroller that fits your needs and those of your kids. Usually, your baby does not sit up alone and unsupported or have a lot of control of their neck and head for the first 6 months. If this is the case for, you can then use either a bassinet style stroller, or a completely reclined seat (less than 10 degrees) or a child car seat attached to the frame during this time.



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